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Cargo tank inspection
Draft/deadweight surveys
Issues of ullage and weight certificates
Cargo contamination investigations
Technical cargo expediting
Measurement of LPG
Tanker loading/discharge superintendoncy
Tank calibration
Liquid and Gas Level check
Temperature and Pressure Check
Calculation of LNG Volume
Sampling & analysis
Calculation of Volume & BTU Quantity
LNG Tank Calibration
Sample analysis
Coal Analysis
Investigation of cause of pollution
Investigation of damage claims
Reports on extent of damage
Damage surveys
Damage investigations
Cargo hold inspection
Pre-loading cargo surveys
Stowage surveys
Cargo measuring & weighing
Survey of lashing and securing
Survey/stowase of chemical cargo
Ship-building supervision
Hull and machinery damage
Supervision of repairs
Discussion of invoices
Analysis of causes and circumstances of accidents
Paint inspection
Pre-purchase survey
Ships stores and spares inventories
Survey of damage cargo
Storage and stuffing surveys
Container damage surveys
Towing Approval surveys
Transport feasibility study
Superintendence of handling and storage
Damage prevention
Survey of securing, lashing, stowage and seaworthless
Liquid cargo contamination
Cargo outturn disputes
Cargo damage
Charter party performance disputes
Pumping, speed fuel etc
Demurrage claims
Cargo losses
Mechanical equipment damage structures
Damage to shore facilities and off shore
Bunker surveys
Collision and damage reports